Bee pollen health benefits

For thousands of years, millions of people that understands the natural bee pollen health benefits use it as one of the most complete foods in nature, this is because it contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and substances that are highly beneficial to the body.

In recent decades, scientists began to pay serious attention to the use of bee pollen, its health benefits and properties by analyzing its components.

What is it

It’s very important to have basic understanding of what bee pollen is before talking about its benefits. The pollen is collected by bees from flowers and plants loaded in the villi of its legs, then it is mixed with nectar and used to feed the hive. This is why it is an absolutely natural food which makes it ideal for human nutrition.

Vitamins and minerals which it contains

Bee pollen contains many nutrients. There are 22 essential amino acids valuable to human health, and pollen is the only natural food that contains all 22 amino acids. Almost all of the vitamins have been identified in pollen, are particularly rich in carotenes (vitamin A).

Some varieties such as acacia pollen contains 20 times more carotene than carrots which is considered the main source of this vitamin. It is rich in vitamin P or Rutin, which strengthens the capillaries, veins and arteries and reverses hardening of the latter and is therefore very important for the cardiovascular system, especially after 40 years.

More health benefits

Pollen is a valuable source of trace minerals with more than 22 elements. The trace minerals are chemical elements (titanium, nickel, cobalt, silicon, …) that the human body needs in small quantities that do not exist in most food products. The ortho-molecular medicine, today, is demonstrating the importance of trace elements for the proper functioning of our body.

There are traces of pollen in 15 elements which are necessary for human beings, which are iron, iodine, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, chromium, nickel, tin, strontium, boron, fluoride and vanadium.

Flavone levels are 2.54 g per 100 g, and the flavonoid compounds have functions to prevent arteriosclerosis, lower cholesterol, relieve pain and protect from radiation. In ancient Greece there was a drink considered the drink of immortality, which was a mixture of honey and pollen, called AMBROSIA, inexhaustible power source for the human body.

More additional information

Pollen is rich in plant hormones, it has no side effects and has surprising power to regulate the endocrine glands, and therefore its use is an especially effective action on the prostate.

The pollen also has a regulatory effect of bowel function, especially for people with sluggish bowel, it regulates the intestinal flora. It is excellent in the treatment of anemia, rapidly increasing the rate of hemoglobin in the blood as it regenerates red blood cells.

The health benefits includes improved oxygenation of the blood, causing better blood circulation. It is seen by many as an excellent antidepressant, and help to combat stress, thus preventing ulcers and gastritis of the nervous. It causes euphoria and a better mood, improving people’s moods. It is also used by many who have weight loss problems. It is indicated for obesity problems by being a powerful food supplement protein, decreasing the desire to eat meat.

In China studies have been conducted showing that it has the power to reduce cholesterol.

The pollen and royal jelly is indicated for the syndromes of menopausal women and men to act as a stimulator of the body and regulator of bodily functions. It is recommended to be consumed by people who have problems with: vision, brain aging, anemia, digestive, cardiovascular and urinary tract, sex hormones and prostate cancer.

It also regulates the intestinal flora, regenerates the hemoglobin and red blood cells and consequently, a better oxygenation of the blood and tissues. It is also surprisingly easy to use bee pollen to regulate the secretions of the endocrine glands. For this is the only nutrient of the prostate, providing rejuvenation. Pollen should be consumed daily because it provides all the amino acids necessary for biological metabolism, so will the benefits to man: HUMOR, DISPOSAL, VITALITY AND DECREASE THE AGING BRAIN.

List of 11 Common Benefits

  1. *Effects of bee pollen on the energy level: It has natural energizing benefits because of its carbohydrates content, the pollen is an excellent nutritional supplement for athletes and people who are involved in activities that requires great physical effort.
  2. * Boosts immune system function: As stated earlier bee pollen supplements increases hemoglobin in the blood as it regenerate red blood cells in the body, this makes an effective complement to the treatment of anemia.
  3. * Balance hormones: Vitamin B contained in the pollen improves depression, nervousness, irritability and stress by providing well-being.
  4. * Vitamins and minerals: Vitamin A which has pollen improves eyesight.
  5. * Food & fitness: Bee pollen supplement regulates intestinal problems as constipation and diarrhea.
  6. *Pollen benefits for men: Of all the health benefits, this is one that men will surely find interesting. Taking natural supplement that is rich in bee pollen helps to solve problems of sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction.
  7. * It prevents and improves prostate problems.
  8. * Improves skin and is an excellent treatment for rejuvenation, both ingested and used in creams and cosmetics.
  9. * Pollen benefits for women: It improves fertility and is recommended for men and women who have difficulty having children.
  10. * Boosts immune system: It is also indicated to assist in the recovery of a sick person or after surgery.
  11. * Pollen superfood: For those who want to gain weight it is a highly effective natural supplement.

Now that you know the health benefits of taking a natural supplement that is rich in bee pollen, I hope you will start taking this pollen supplement regularly.