Are Multivitamins Good for You

Do you think multivitamins are good to your body? For people who often don’t have a balanced diet, they can get extra nutrients by taking them. The most important issue is to consult with the doctor whether it’s necessary to take this kind of supplement because a high level of taking is toxic to human body.

People having unbalanced diet usually believe shortcomings of their dietary can be remedied through the way of using multivitamins. All vitamins are considered to be included in such supplements and help to keep a balanced diet. Although there are necessary nutrients for the body health contained in them, it’s very dangerous or harm to health if taking improperly. The aim of taking multivitamins is not to substitute nutrients and vitamins coming from the natural fresh food. It’s just taken as well-rounded and auxiliary source to offer nutrients for human body. According to your lifestyle or your body type to look for a suitable multivitamin, it will help you to obtain demanded nutrients meanwhile it will not increase risks of negative effects harmful to your body.

The definition

As a kind of dietary supplement, multivitamins include vitamins, nutritional components as well as minerals. There are various forms of the supplement for daily use such as injectable formulas, pastilles, liquids, powders, tablets and capsules. In U.S., if a supplement includes more than three minerals and vitamins, then it can be taken as multivitamin. However, tablets or some sources containing herbs, hormones or drugs are not within this range. All the vitamins in the supplements must be added on the basis of less than the tolerable level.

What are the benefits of multivitamins for health?

Due to different dietary habit and body type, the health benefits of multivitamins will be also different accordingly.

  1. The benefits for men’s health. In men’s daily diet, they only demand 8mg iron which is completely less than women’s demand. So almost all multivitamins used for men only have included little iron or even don’t have at all. Selenium and vitamin E are usually used instead of iron, which is helpful for blocking prostate problems.
  2. The benefits for women’s health. In women’s diet, they require iron amount more than men’s. Especially at the period of menstruation, women need a plenty of iron so as to prevent phenomenon of losing iron. Multivitamins applied to women who have gone through menopause often are used instead of vitamin D. If women plan to get pregnant,in order to avoid defects of birth, they usually take such supplement which is added folic acid. In addition, antepartum multivitamins also will add extra vitamin A so that promote health of reproduction.
  3. The benefits for kids. Since children foods have been added enough minerals and vitamins, they often don’t request a high dose of these nutritional ingredients. That is to say, children whose diet are balanced doesn’t require multivitamins entirely. A child who really needs take a multivitamin is suggested to take vitamin D with high dose so that the growth of healthy bone can be helped. However children always take multivitamins as tasting a candy, which is very important core and is danger to body health even vital. Therefore in order to prevent over dose from taking, the parents are requested to place additional vitamins away from the area where children can reach by themselves.
  4. The benefits for the old people. Generally people up 60 years old will take a kind multivitamin, as a matter of fact that nutrients and vitamins have difficulties in effective absorbing under the condition of their aging. Vitamin B12 often is contained in multivitamins at a high dose because it’s not easy to obtain from diet. Meanwhile vitamin K takes a role of preventing problems in hip. However vitamin K has bad interreaction with drugs for blood thinning, so it’s very important to consult with your doctor if you are taking them. For women, they must choose the multivitamins without more iron.
  5. Benefits for vegetarians and vegans. Some nutrients are generally obtained from meat such as selenium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12, iron as well as calcium. So vegans and vegetarians should notice and be active to take multivitamins containing these nutrients at a high dose.

Do you think the multivitamins are good for you?

Upon most occasions, the consumers don’t obtain extra benefits from this type of supplement for their health. These vitamins are produced as a supplement of diet defects. For instance, it’s been proved that extra folic acid really is effective for pregnancy. Except this, multivitamins are basically not effective, particularly towards people who has already got a balanced and healthy dietary. If people think they do need multivitamins as a supplement of dietary defects, they must consult with the doctor how to take can get a good result.

On the other hand, under some conditions, severer negative effects would be happened if using multivitamins. Especially taking a high dose of vitamins will be toxic to the body, which maybe including overdose vitamins coming from your supplements or diets. These vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E or even vitamin K. Additionally, if some vitamins are used together with substances else, that will bring a side effect. For instance, beta carotene at a high dose would make lung cancer risk increased among the smokers. Before proceeding a multivitamin cure, you should consult with your doctor whether vitamin will have a negative interaction with your using medicines.