Be happy with your body now

It occurred to me yesterday (yet again) that I am an impatient woman who wants her dreams realized now. Right this very moment. You see, I’m in the midst of remodeling my home but even among all the unfinished walls and floors, I can still visualize how it will look when it’s done. And just yesterday after an exercise class, I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror and I could actually see what my body may look like after losing 20 pounds. I laughed when I realized that both my house and body are undergoing serious remodels!

I know that it’s common to remain in some sort of state of frustration with a home remodel. All of my neighbors (seasoned home improvement pros that they are) have prepped me for this. But I’m not prepared to remain in this constant state of emotional dissatisfaction about my body until I reach my target weight. When people ask me how my diet and exercise plans are going, I don’t want to be apologetic, saying things like, “Thanks, but I still have a ways to go!” Wouldn’t it be great if I could just say, “Thanks! Things are going great and I love this healthy body I’m in!” (I can just imagine the crazy stares I’d get with that response.)

So, when I stumbled upon this article and quiz about “finding your happy weight,” I took notice. According to the article, your happy weight is “one that strikes a balance: you know you’re healthy (and your doctor agrees) and you feel just plain great. You’re there when you stop hoping to reach a magic number on the scale, or on a clothing label. You are, simply, at peace with your body, and your body is at peace with you.”

Doesn’t that sound great? This is a hot topic here at Weblogs. That’s Fit blogger Larissa Brown talks about this idea in her latest Road To Fitville feature and The Cancer Blog’s Nine Dejavier also covers this topic today. The article goes on to suggest some happy weight strategies, and I plan to focus on changing my inner voice, celebrating small milestones, and simply being thankful. My own quest for fitness is a journey, to be sure, and in the end I’d rather focus on investing in a healthy spirit. I’m sure I’ll need that in spades as I weather the joys of home improvement!

How do you maintain a healthy balance between being thankful for your health and pushing to improve it?

Author by Kristi Anderson