Are all these “energy drinks” even close to healthy?

There are so many “energy” drinks on the market today that I’ve become curious about the underpinnings of these beverages in recent months. While I personally do not drink these products, the fact that many of them have “natural” and “energy” in their advertising naturally made me curious.

My curiosity was stoked a little when I started reading the ingredients to many of these products. There are some very unhealthy components to many of these product, starting with ultra-doses of sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, caffeine and other things that make some of these products look like re-packaged and re-flavored soft drinks in many respects.

I know the soft drink industry is a master at selling the same thing in different colors and in different flavors, and most of these mass energy drinks are just that in my opinion. Buyer and drinker beware — *always* check the label and research the ingredients. Energy might just be packaged in a sugar and carbohydrate spike.

Author by Brian White