An unlikely link: men’s shaving habit and strokes?

If you asked me to list a bunch male habits that might be distantly linked to stroke risk, shaving once a day would be the very last thing I would have guessed. But this 20-year study will really make you think twice about it. Apparently shaving less than once a day increases our risk of having a stroke by 70 percent!

Over 2,000 men aged from 45 to 59 were studied in South Wales. You must be asking yourself how this link originates. Well, some of the infrequent shavers were found to be smokers, which automatically put them in the club for high risk. But when they took away those risk factors, the hormonal links ended up showing through regardless! Just like the relationship between baldness and heart disease, infrequent shaving and strokes were found to have a biological link.

So next time the long weekend rolls around, think twice about sporting that five o’clock shadow.

Author by Adams Briscoe