A low-carb dieters guide to food labels

Thankfully for Atkins and other low-carb diet followers, food labels pretty much always list the amount of carbs in a serving. But that information doesn’t help if you don’t know what it means, or how much is an acceptable amount to be consumed. Plus, the term carbs means both sugar and fiber, the former being bad for you and the latter being good. So how do you make sense of this information? For starters, check this out: it’s an article that can help guide you through the labels.

I’m not a carb counter, but I know they’re not meant to be consumed in mass quantities, so I follow these tricks: I generally choose things that are low in sugar (definitely no more than 20g per serving) and high in fibre (high usually means above 5g per serving), and I make note of the serving size — if it’s a lot of carbs and calories for a small serving size, it’s not much of a healthy deal. What about you?

Author by Martha Edwards