10 reasons to drink more water

The most natural food of all — water — is something many don’t consider in everyday life; do you? Personally, I keep three 20-ounce glass bottles of chilled Mountain Valley water (from my 5-gallon dispenser) ready at all times in the fridge — and I sip from these bottles all day when possible. Why? Since water — even pristine bottled spring water — is the best natural tonic there is, in my opinion (and I’m not alone).

For those that may need convincing further, there is a list of 10 reasons to drink more water at this link, and I agree with every single one of the points made here. The best lubrication I can give my joints and the best beverage there is happens to be water. It’s not that hard to not drink soft drinks and caffeine-laced beverages if you have pure, fresh and chilled water at hand at all times. Even the mass-produced bottled water brands — which many think are just re-badged bottles of tap water — are better than sugared water and high-caffeine *sports* drinks.

Author by Brian White