Weight loss secrets from the ‘Biggest Loser’ chef

I don’t watch much TV so I’ll admit that I’ve never seen any of the Biggest Loser episodes, but I came across this article on the show’s chef, Devin Alexander, who lost a whopping 55 lbs and has become a celebrity chef known for creating sumptuous meals that are healthy too. Her secret to her weight loss? She stopped dieting. She stopped depriving herself. And she stopped beating herself up.

According to her, the keys to losing weight are making small changes to your diet (she suggests holding the mayo) and watching portion sizes. That’s good advice if you ask me, and something that most people could manage to do.

She has a few cookbooks out, which I am considering checking out. And if you scroll down in the article, there are a couple of recipes, including one for a Boston Cream Peanut Butter Banana Split! Which only has 294 cal and 8 g or fat! Too good to be true? What do you think?

Author by Martha Edwards