Trip down memory lane conquers the blues

Do you find yourself taking a trip down memory lane when you are feeling blue? It seems you are not alone, and that your mind does this for a good reason.

According to a recent study, just thinking about happy memories for twenty minutes a day can make you feel happier. Other studies show that writing about a pleasant memory can also make people more cheerful. Don’t you find it fascinating that you think about happy moments from the past almost automatically when you are feeling down? The brain is amazing.

I know when I am feeling less than cheery about my son’s lack of sleep that it makes me feel better to think about all the amazing things he did that day, from saying a full sentence to helping fold the laundry in his not-too-helpful but incredibly cute way. And when I am overwhelmed with all I have to do to make our new house feel like our home? I just think of all the special touches we added to our former house, and it inspires me to do the same to this house, step by step.

Want to make the most of your reminiscing? Focus on the positive, or else it won’t help you much, right? Pair your nostalgic moments with a brisk walk, gentle stretches or anything else you find helps reduce your stress. You’ll feel energized and inspired to make the present as pleasant as the past.

Author by Debra McDuffee