Treadmill training tip

My marathon coach who also happens to be a close pal of mine has taught me that training goes beyond lacing your sneakers and hitting the road. This is why he has given me homework assignments like reading this article in this runner’s magazine or logging every little detail about my run. I’m waiting for a pop-quiz somewhere between now and the race.

Anyhow, as I was clicking around Runner’s World I noticed their daily training tip section. Today’s involved avoiding injuries on treadmills — where they suggest ensuring that your belt has at least eight square feet of surface area. Wouldn’t it seem that all treadmills would be created equal then? Personally, training on treadmills are (yawn) boring to me and it’s way too controlled. I’m less likely to stop on the machine, whereas if I’m running outdoors I’m getting the full effect of my body’s limits and where I might want to stop.

In short I thought this was a good tip to point out and it looks like you can get several others on a daily basis by subscribing to Runner’s World tips by RSS. That is, if you aren’t a subscriber already.

Author by Adrienne Wilson