Tired all the time? How to fight fatigue and get more energy

It’s a total “catch 22” — you feel tired so you don’t want to exercise, but you need to exercise in order to feel less tired. So what’s a person to do? It sounds obvious, but one answer might be as simple as trying to get better sleep. This can be a tough thing for many people to do, although it’s possible that some just haven’t given it conscious thought before. Some suggestions on how to sleep deeper or catch up on missed hours are to take a shower/bath before bedtime or squeeze in a quick power-nap in the afternoon.

A suggestion I found interesting to feel more energized was de-stressing by taking 10 minutes to clear your head, reflect, and relax. The idea is that sometimes physical fatigue can really just be symptom of an overstimulated or stressed-out mind. Cure the head, cure the body.

Other nixes for fatigue include drinking more water, changing eating habits to include several mini-meals and snacks throughout the day, and of course getting your heart pumping in some kind of physical activity to boost endorphins and feel better.

Author by Rigel Gregg