The unbearable lightness of being a vegan

No, that title is not a cheap rip-off of a movie from the 90s … I think. Instead, it’s a stab at why there is a common misperception in today’s obese-infused American society that most people should “have meat on their bones,” as some family members have told me recently. Well, I want healthy meat on those bones, thank you — not an over-abundance of fatty tissue that makes me look normal in a society that continues to get larger, at the waistline, that is.

So, I’ve chosen a vegan lifestyle that, after dumping most animal products from my diet, has made me trim over the last 24 months. While not exactly a crime, it has put me at odds with many people who have delivered lines like, “are you sick?” (I have to giggle at that one) and, “Wow, are you just not eating?” Oh boy — I sure am eating, just not tons of it. However, I do eat 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day — just a different kind of calories combined with rigorous exercise.

It’s just the right kind of eating for me personally, all the time. It was quite the difficult path to put away 30 years of memories on eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to shifting quite a bit to a new lifestyle (memories will kill you and beckon at you from every fast-food restaurant). But, the shift finally happened. I’ve never felt better, literally. And, I’ve never looked better, physically. If you can get past the unbearable lightness of being a vegan, it will become much more bearable as time goes on.

Author by Brian White