The good and the bad of bamboo flooring

Bamboo just might be the next big thing in hardwood flooring. It’s just as tough and durable as most woods currently used for floors (in some cases it’s tougher) and it’s a much more sustainable resource. Bamboo matures in just 4-6 years (as opposed to almost 60 years for some commonly used trees) and the stalks can be harvested while leaving the plant intact. Other plus points for bamboo include the fact that it’s easy to install and can be used pretty much anywhere traditional wood can — even in radiant-heat setups.

The downside? There are only two available colors (the natural yellow and a darker “amber” version) and of course there’s the usual need to be an informed consumer. Avoid companies that nix the “green” effects of bamboo by clearing forests to make room for growing the bamboo, using formaldehyde in the glue during installation, or by providing poor conditions for the workers overseas.

So, in the market for a new floor? Want something beautiful and good for the planet? Consider jumping on the bamboo bandwagon.

Author by Rigel Gregg