The Atkins diet has been replaced by corporate greed

With all the hype from the Atkins Diet for the last few years, the corporate marketing around this brand has become a hotbed of all kinds of products — much to the chagrin of the late Robert Atkins I would suspect. Heck — I am surprised there are not “Atkins Cheeseburgers” sold these days.

After the founder of Atkins Nutritionals — Dr. Robert Atkins — died in a freak accident by slipping on an icy sidewalk, the company’s new leadership (if it can be called that) has apparently gone the greedy route — launching 70 new products this year alone, which is a pace that is unheard of in the food industry.

This is power of a brand for you — I am sure that most of the current “Atkins” products have anything to do with the legacy the late Dr. Atkins most likely intended. Instead, loads of processed foods (which are probably more healthy that other processed foods) are being marketed with the “Atkins” brand to unknowing consumers who probably think that anything labeled “Atkins” must help form a healthy diet. Hogwash I say — I’ve looked at some of the ingredients in these foods and I would never eat some of them whatsoever. I hope the late Dr. Atkins is spinning in his resting place — I know I would be.

Author by Brian White