Staying safe and healthy at the salon

Going to the salon to get a manicure, pedicure, or your hair colored is a luxurious experience that most people love. Having somebody wait on you hand and foot (literally!) is something that rarely, if ever, happens for us in our regular day to day lives. But we’ve also all heard horror stories about infections and health hazards, and here are some answers to the most commonly expressed health concerns when visiting the salon:

  • Can I get an infection from a manicure or pedicure? Although it rarely happens, being aware of the possibility of getting an infection — particularly HIV or Hepatitis — is essential anytime instruments capable of breaking the skin are involved, as they are when doing nail care. Make sure your technician follows the appropriate guidelines and the risk will be minimal.
  • Can hair dye increase my risk for cancer? Many studies have been done on this topic in relation to the risk of developing blood cancers and breast cancer, but all have been inconclusive.
  • What services should I avoid when I’m pregnant? Pregnancy is such a complicated and delicate state that the best thing to do is consult your physician before receiving any salon services that involve chemicals, herbs, or other remedies — even if they’re “all natural.” And some other services, like certain massages, can post risks during different stages of pregnancy and should also be avoided.


Author by Rigel Gregg