Soothing a sick child’s cough

Even though we can shoot ourselves to the moon, delve into the deepest oceans and climb the highest mountains, there is still no cure for the common cold. Sometimes it feels like one of the most groggy feelings you can get. For kids, it can put them on the back burner while they miss school or other activities.

That’s why St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital offered up these helpful suggestions to make it a little bit easier to tolerate while the cold (or respiratory infection, which is a little more drastic) runs its course. After you take them to the doctor, HealthDay says cough syrup is a good place to start, but warm beverages will also help a lot in easing the congestion.

If a dry cough is involved, try a humidifier. The reason is to get some moisture in the room, because dry air makes a cough worse. Speaking of aggravating a cold, they warn that too much activity can be counterproductive. And of course, the age-old tips of getting rest and consuming fluid go for children too. You can find more information on kids and coughs here.

Author by Adams Briscoe