Shedding light on compact fluorescent bulbs

I wasn’t overly impressed when my landlords first installed swirly-shaped light bulbs in my place a couple of years ago. They took a long time to turn on, and when they did, they didn’t produce the amount of light that I was used to. But over time, I’ve gotten used to them. Well sort of — I switched back to an incandescent bulb in the kitchen and the bedroom, the two places where I really needed — okay, wanted — brighter light.

My boss recently brought to my attention this article by Alice Hill, which is powerfully titled ‘10 Reasons Why CFLs will Change the World.’ It’s a pretty bold statement, but according to the article CFLs have a pretty bold impact on the environment. The statistics are pretty staggering: if every American changed one of their incandescent bulbs to a CFL, it would save enough power to light the entire city of Philadelphia, or even the country of Estonia! Wow. Yes, CFLs are expensive, but according to the article, they can last up to 10 years.

I’m impressed. What about you?

Author by Martha Edwards