Rescue Remedy: calming your emotions with flower essences

Is it possible that a few drops of an extract of flowers could help relieve an emotional crisis?

I use Rescue Remedy often. Sometimes my nerves get jittery or I can feel anger coming on.

In my case, it works pretty well. Rescue Remedy is a special mix of the essences of several flowers, including crab apple, cherry plum, rock rose and impatiens (just the flowers, not the fruit). These flower essences are from a group called the Bach flower essences, originally discovered by Dr. Edward Bach.

These essences work a little like homeopathic medicines. There is a very small amount of each flower essence in a mixture of cherry brandy, which makes it smell quite lovely. The essences have a certain “vibration” which can change the vibration of whatever out-of-balance emotional issue is going on with you at the time.

The method of usage couldn’t be easier. Take out the dropper. Put a few drops under your tongue, and go about your business. It doesn’t really matter which emotion you’re experiencing, because Rescue Remedy is meant to bring you back to a balanced state. However, there are specific flower essences for each particular emotion.

It’s worth noting that Rescue Remedy does contain alcohol. I don’t know of any preparation that is alcohol-free at this time. However, those few drops under your tongue are unlikely to get you drunk!

I wouldn’t be caught without my Rescue Remedy. I’m not really an overly emotional person, but when the time comes, I like having a way to calm down. The small jar is quite expensive ($12 plus shipping), but for me, it’s worth it.

Here’s a fun one — the essence of the impatiens flower does give you patience. I’m not kidding!

Author by Daryl Kulak