Pink follows unconventional path to fitness — and you can, too

There’s little that’s conventional about Grammy-winning artist Pink, including her workouts. To get in top shape for her world tour this fall to promote her new album, I’m Not Dead, Pink and her training team are bypassing the stationary bikes and treadmills for more interesting workouts including yoga, Pilates, and outdoor kickboxing.

Pink’s first single from this album, called Stupid Girls, takes a stab at Hollywood’s superficiality and calls on us to let our inner beauty show. From a fitness standpoint, Pink seems to promote the idea that we all can’t be Barbie’s (or Jessica’s or Lindsay’s) and adhere to an unrealistic ideal. Instead, love your body the way it is and stick to a fitness plan that works for you.

The idea is to make fitness fun and ever-changing. It’s no secret that you’re not going to stick to a routine if it’s boring. For tips on how to stick to a fitness resolution by mixing up your workout regime, hop on over to the W Network for a list of some unconventional fitness trends. Krav Maga, anyone?

Author by Kristi Anderson