Naturally looking your best takes effort, but it can pay off

Looking for the most healthy way to look beautiful these days (and nights)? Of course, it starts from the inside out. Eating highly nutritious meals along with plenty of water and staying away from excessive fatty foods, fried foods and high-calorie foods and soft drinks is a great start to allow your body all the necessary items is needs to function well and provide you with the kind of glow and radiance you need — and desire.

Sure — there are bountiful products that will cover up the signs of inadequate nutrition and poor physical health. These come in all shapes and sizes, from over-indulgent and sappy facial moisturizer and makeup to actual tan-colored “body paint” that will cover up those blemishes and marks that exist. I know — a lot of that has nothing to do with treating your body good from the inside out. In those cases, the purpose for such products — when chosen wisely — is clear.
Once you’ve taken care of the inside-out approach to get a huge jump on your external physical beauty, the next step is to accentuate your lines, curves, eyes, hair and nails (along with everything else) with good products that are not loaded with tons of bad chemicals which can actually dry your skin out when used normally and especially when overused. All-natural products with essential oils, fruit extracts and natural preservatives like Vitamin E are the best.

Products with methylparabens, propylparabens, sodium laurel sulfates and excessive use of fake thickeners are products to avoid when possible. These are cheap ingredients that do nothing for your beauty — but they do produce thick, lustrous bubbles and suds as well as give many products a shelf life of decades (heh). They do nothing for your complexion or skin conditioning, though.

Once you’re prepared yourself with all the right nutrition and all the right products to use externally that won’t just create problems or add to existing ones, here’s a simple checklist to look your best:

1. Ensure you receive a regular hair cut/style/perm

2. Change up your hair color regularly to “mix it up a bit” (remember that this changes the color of clothes that look best on you)

3. Get your nails done — a full mani-pedi when possible (once per month or every two weeks at least)

4. Get your wardrobe organized in perfect, organized fashion so you don’t stumble into odd combinations — get feedback from close friends as well if possible

5. Always have your preferred makeup to use and use it sparingly or normally in the places you need to accentuate your normal beauty — not distract from it

6. Remember to smile more and breathe much more — don’t create the “perfect you” then mar it by empty facial expressions and lack of body movement (breathing)

This is a rather nuanced checklist, but with the right attitude, time set aside for preparation and with the right steps to take, you can get into the habit of always looking your best, and the effort as time goes by will settle into your routine and even become so easy that everyone will always be wondering how you pull it off. A little preparedness and organization along with a checklist can do wonders — for the beauty you already have.

Author by Brian White