Midday raw food meals that feel right

If you’re like me, you’re always searching for simple, healthy, small-portion meals that you can eat throughout the day. Whether at work, on the go, at a meeting — or planning a meeting — there is always the time pinch to find a healthful meal that is quick and easy. I prefer mine to be raw, organic and with healthy fats and natural vegan and fruit ingredients if possible. That is no small order, but I believe I have found a few that fit this bill.

Many nutritionists believe that many (like six) smaller meals throughout the day are the preferred way to get nutrition into the ole’ bod, as opposed to three huge-portion meals like the schedule that has been passed down from generation to generation — in America, anyway. With that said, two of my favorite raw food meals — notice I did not say snacks — can almost be found in any health food store. In addition, I am seeing these products at regular, progressive grocery stores as well. The prices are just great considering how healthy these smaller meals are for you.

Both the Raw Revolution bars and the Larabar products contain unprocessed, uncooked, natural raw fruit, vegetable and nut ingredients. The Raw Revolution product is all-organic as well. Both of these products are not “candy bars” — which is what I fear the general public will expect them to be. But, once you educate yourself on the benefits of a vegan, organic meal (or meal substitute, if you prefer), then you’ll probably love these products. My favorite versions of the Raw Revolution bars are the Raspberry Chocolate, and the Cherry Pie Larabar is quite tasty as well. Mmm, these are good! And, just wait until you see the ingredients. I’m even finding the Raw Revolution bars at Amazon’s new gourmet food store for unbeatable prices.

Author by Brian White