Meditation: stress-relief through stillness

Instead of exercising — or using a punching bag — to reduce stress, sitting somewhere quiet and intently meditating on something peaceful or inspirational can be just as stress-relieving. While exercising is an excellent tonic for reducing stress, so are the yoga and meditation arenas. I say “arenas,” as there are many different ways to use your emotional state to reduce stress.

However, trying to find the time and place for meditation in our activity-packed schedules is the ever-increasing challenge. But if you can find a place (even in your car) to find quiet time and meditate (pick your focus), a possible lower blood pressure and reduced breathing rate brought on by meditation can have tremendous effects on your personal well-being.

Using the tried-and-true “relaxation response” is something I’ve done many times, much to the benefit of my entire outlook on the day. Try it and see what it does for you. Proof is in the trying and achieving, so all you need is a quiet place free of distractions. Once you find it, keep it in your back pocketfor daily use.

Author by Brian White