Luna launches organic breakfast bars

Luna bars are delicious, as far as nutrition bars go. They’re formulated for women — which is probably why I took more than a passing glance at them when they first came out — but they are suitable for anyone and come in great flavors. Who could pass up a Chocolate Pecan Pie or Caramel Nut Brownie? Luna bars are great to have before or after a workout, or as a quick lunch on a particularly hectic day at work.

The new Luna Sunrise bars extend the concept of on-the-go meal replacement bars to breakfast, since not only is Caramel Nut Brownie not the first thing that comes to your mind in the morning, but over 30% of women regularly skip breakfast. The new bars are organic and come in Blueberry Yogurt, Strawberries & Creme and Vanilla Almond flavors, all of which are appealing A.M. foods. They have only 180 calories each, 8g protein and 5g fiber, in addition to being fortified with calcium, vitamins A, C, D and E, folic acid and iron. They’re a much better option than a muffin from the coffee shop and, if you couple them with a piece of fruit in addition to your morning coffee, your day is definitely going to get off to a better start than usual.

Author by Nicole Weston