Holiday sneezing may be due to that Christmas Tree

If you find yourself sneezing during the holiday season — and especially during the month of December when that Christmas tree is up — you may be having an allergic reaction to that grand old tree decorated with ornaments, lights and cheer. It looks great — but it may be causing you dreary eyes, sneezing and running noses at the same time.

Allergist Dr. Michael Alexander from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada says that Christmas trees can trigger itchy noses, scratchy eyes and sneezing. Dr. Alexander’s research team asked 12 allergy sufferers to track their symptoms over the Christmas holiday.

Out of the group, only four remained sufficiently free of distractions — this happens at holiday time — to actually track their symptoms. As Bill Engvall says, Here’s your sign. Those four who did not get distracted by sneezing and wheezing had significantly more allergy symptoms than a comparison group of seven Jehovah’s Witnesses — who do not celebrate Christmas and therefor have no trees to “punish” their senses through sniffling and coughing.

Author by Brian White