About Fish Breeding Games

By Kevin Freeman

One of the more interesting developments in video game genres involves the combination of gaming with the hobby of breeding fish. Although fish breeding games are not as exciting as their action-packed counterparts, they can still provide a captivating level of game playing fun through the discovery of each new feature as the storyline unfolds and by solving the inevitable crises that are presented.


Fish Tycoon is a fish breeding game that sets the story on a remote and magical island called Isola, where a thriving pond is protected by seven magical breeds of fish. The seven magic breeds have disappeared from the pond and must be restored so that the quickly dying pond can thrive once again, bringing balance back to the island of Isola. You, the player, begin the game as a very small fish store owner who needs to breed and sell fish to conduct the breeding experiments necessary to find the seven magical breeds.


Fish Tycoon is a unique game that uses your computer’s actual time as a basis for the fish development. This means that game players can set up the fish to hatch and then leave the game to perform other tasks before returning to see the results.


Real time games are useful for situations in which a player doesn’t have a great deal of time to devote to game play, but is still looking for a fun distraction. Nearly every time the game is exited and re-entered, there will be new developments to enjoy that keep the game play interesting.


There are hundreds of different breeds in Fish Tycoon, creating an interesting and complex puzzle that must be solved in order to find the seven magical breeds. New fish eggs can be purchased to increase the variety of fish, and interbreeding can also be encouraged to stimulate the production of new species without costing a great deal of money. There are also ways to strengthen and speed up the fish multiplying processes through the addition of hormones, but the use of hormones also limits some of the game’s features.


Fish breeding games can be a healthy alternative for people looking to enjoy a gaming experience without crossing any moral boundaries or encountering the usual gore and violence that has become associated with popular games. Fish Tycoon is a family-friendly, mentally stimulating game that is recommended for children over eight, but can be just as captivating for adults.