Heart disease: the non-obese are at risk too

Yikes – according to this article, even just a few extra pounds in your midsection can put you at a serious risk for developing heart disease. Those at risk include people whose waist circumference is over 31.5 inches for women and 35.5 for men, as well as those with a BMI of 23 to 25 and/or a weight of 150 or greater. That’s about 80% of the population.

Apparently the problem lies in the presence of visceral fat — a layer of stubborn fat the lies beneath the superficial fat that you can feel on your tummy.

One thing about this article that was pointed out to me by a friend is its failure to mention height or body type. It says that people over 150 lbs are at risk, but 150 lbs can be either overweight or underweight depending on the person. And anyway, isn’t a BMI of 23 considered healthy?

What are your thoughts?

Author by Martha Edwards