Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond milk can help you to keep weight and promote health of heart, skin and bones. Except that these health benefits, it has a wonderful flavor so that it can replace milk and the other kind of non-dairy milk.

If you are a vegan, if you have milk allergy, if you want to find a substitute of non-dairy milk, then almond milk with many health benefits can be a nice choice. You can enjoy it. As it consists of almond nuts, it can help you with burning calories and reducing fat. In addition, as a kind of fortified beverage, it contains minerals such as calcium and abundant vitamins.

Not only has almond milk a good taste, it can be as an ingredient to add into recipes that require milk, because of its creamy and ample characteristics. If you want to use the other substitute besides soy milk, hope following benefits about the product can give you some help.

What are the benefits?

As a kind of milk replacement, it has a lot of benefits because it is made from nuts.

1. The benefits for health

  • 1) It can make your weight controlled. It doesn’t need additives such as flavoring or sugar when taking, and it has sixty calories at eight ounces per serving. So taking it replacing milk will be a good choice if you want to drink a beverage and meanwhile can make you keep weight or weight loss.
  • 2) It can let you keep healthy heart. Because there is no cholesterol in this substance, it will help you to decrease the risks of heart disorders and accumulation of the bad cholesterol. Moreover, it contains lower sodium or salt with 5 mg per serving, however contains high amount of potassium with 150 mg per serving. These conditions are helpful for maintaining blood pressure at normal level and holding back heart disorders.
  • 3) It’s beneficial for anti diabetes. The carbohydrates in the pure almond milk is lower than the other milk substitutes, which is only 8g per serving. So if you drink it, the levels of blood glucose will not be increased obviously and diabetes risk also can be reduced. In addition, it can take use of carbohydrates to become an energy of body so that the sugars can not be became fat to store, as well as make easy digestion of your body, this is because its low blood glucose.
  • 4) It’s beneficial for bone health. It is because almond milk can offer 30% calcium of RDA and 25% vitamin D of RDA. RDA means recommended dietary allowance. Under a condition of weak bones, these nutrient contents are helpful for building more stronger bones and decreasing osteoporosis risks. There is also a mineral named magnesium in it which can promote better calcium absorption inside your body. Additionally help with Vitamin D, function of immune can be improved and some chronic diseases such as Alzheimer disease can be prevented.
  • 5) It can be applied to your skin care. The milk can offer fifty percent vitamin E of RDA per serving. Vitamin E as a nutrient has the properties of antioxidation and therefore it can regulate availability and using of vitamin A. For healthy skin, these two vitamins are the essential ingredients.
  • 6) It’s beneficial for protecting your eyes. There are abundant vitamin A in this type of milk. As we know, vitamin A is helpful for keeping modest function of eyes.
  • 7) It’s beneficial for increasing muscle power. Although there is just 1g protein per serving in the milk, there contains iron and abundant vitamin B for example riboflavin. These nutrients are helpful for muscle getting energy, growing and repairing. In addition, iron can help with regulating functions of the other cells, for example, in blood absorbing oxygen.

2. Some other benefits

  • 1) Its taste is different from pure milk. Some one want to find the other substitutes with different taste because they don’t love pure milk’s taste. It owns its special light and crispy flavor of nuts. Meanwhile, it is creamy and you can taste it together with coffee or the others.
  • 2) It doesn’t need store in the refrigerator. In order to protect pure milk, it needs store in the refrigerator. Storage of almond milk is not same as pure one, it can be stored on shelfs together with drying foods. If you are going to have a trip or camp, it is a good choice because it is more easier to store and bring.
  • 3) It’s a better substitute than soy milk. Usually people love to take soy milk regarded as a replacement of pure one. In fact partial experts believe this is not good to your health, because it may include overmuch sugar exceeding you required. However almond milk contains low fat, less sugar and calories, so it can be a better substitute.
  • 4) It doesn’t contain lactose. Some people have difficulties in digest of milk,which we called lactose intolerant. If drinking, they will feel flatulence, sick as well as bloated. And some special people are allergic for the other ingredients of milk. Because it doesn’t contain lactose and is easier to digest, it can be a better substitute.
  • 5) The remainders of almond pulp can be full used. After processing almond milk, there are some pulp remainders coming from nuts. Generally these remainders are used for making the cookies or the other foods.
  • 6) It can be added into raw foods. Usually vegans like eating raw foods, but some experts are disputing regarding healthy and nutritional benefits of raw foods. On the other hand, it is a better replacement because it also can be applied to recipes for vegans foods such as smoothies.
  • 7) It is a better substitute of dairy milk. In the United States milk dairy substitutes are still growing either production or sales due to some reasons of diets. A lot of people have noticed what benefits almond milk have. Gradually they like it more than dairy milk or other substitutes.


The best way to enjoy its benefits is to produce it at home by yourself. The easy making steps as below:

  • 1) Dip one cup raw almond into water over night. Ensure about adding additional water so that the almond nuts can well absorb water and swell accordingly.
  • 2) Take out the almond nuts and tear off the skins. You can bake the nuts if demanding more richer flavor of almond milk, but you should notice not to make the almond nuts burn.
  • 3) Add two cups of water into the blender, and put the almond nuts into it. Start stiring till the mixture of water and nuts becomes creamy.
  • 4) Add the flavoring as you want, for example saffron or honey cinnamon etc.. And blend them.
  • 5) Filter the mixture with using cheesecloth or strainer, and remove the nuts pulp. If you don’t want drink immediately, then store in the fridge. In order to keep the milk creamy, its cover must be well sealed.
  • 6) Dry baking the remainders of the pulp, and use it to make flour of almond. In addition, you can wrap the pulp and almond skins by cheesecloth to scrub the body.