Have a night out on the town, block those carbs from turning into extra weight

We’ve all had those times when we’ve spent weeks eating incredibly healthy food, but then must attend a dinner function of other gathering where plenty of high-carb foods and drinks will be served. And, of course, we’re expected to participate in the frivolities. It’s my contention that social pressure alone is the reason for failure in many people’s attempts to transform nutrition habits from fast food and processed foods into healthy and nutritious lifestyles that feature plenty of vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits.

But, what if there was a way to naturally block excess carbohydrates from ever being absorbed into the body and ultimately stored as fat. Note that I said “naturally”, as there are plenty of non-natural and/or modified supplements that claim to “block carbs” — and I’ve had hit or miss success with some of these.

One naturally-derived carb blocker supplement that I have used to great success before — and still use today when social situations call for it — is the C-120x carb blocker sold by Swanson Vitamins. The product claims to block up to 75 carb grams per serving, and I have little reason to not believe this. After a few nights of large pasta functions on a recent business trip, not a single pound was gained when I used the C-120x product with my meals. It’s a supplement made from the white kidney bean — go researching this and you’ll see and probably discover why it worked — for me, at least.

Author by Brian White