Gut Busters: It’s about willpower

I greatly appreciate all the advice and tips since I went public with my fuzzy little beer gut (patent pending). After consulting those tips, checking all over the internet, with professionals and peeping AOL’s ab workout suggestions, I have come to one major conclusion — all it takes is willpower. You personal trainers out there will shrug your shoulders at this one, but for everyday, ordinary people, this is huge. Let’s face it, the difference between the Biggest Loser participants eliminated in the first round and the ones who really lose the weight? Willpower (and some luck, of course).

My fight with willpower is probably the same as everyone else. I have to fight to make time to exercise, and resist the urge to eat all those yummy foods. But what this boils down to is determination. I can make excuses all day long, about chores, kids and a crazy schedule, but one way or another I have to force my will upon the world. From here on out, I will make and eat better food (takes more time, and planning). I’ll also carve out time for a proper workout, obviously focusing on my core area. Easy to say, hard to do. Keep reading for my complete plan …
My wife lost a lot of weight after having two kids using Weight Watchers. I kinda played along, trying to shovel green beans (from a can) down my gullet. Now, I’m more serious. The great thing about working at home is that I can take a kid with me to the grocery, and buy all the fresh veggies I need. So first stop: eat more vegetables, more sensible portions and lay off the junk. It’s not quite Weight Watchers, but it’s pretty close. I never had a problem with metabolizing food, but now I will pay more attention to the fiber and fat content.

As for exercise, I’ve been sedentary for far too long. The recent trouble has been getting on our treadmill, which is now too centrally located. But a little treadmill time to get my heart pumping will be followed with specific core-training (like I found on the AOL diets page). The good thing is my kids love to exercise with me! So while they can’t join in the treadmill part, we’ll be doing some crunches and Tae-bo-esque workouts together. If anyone knows a good DVD I can get for this purpose, that’d be great.

These two areas are obvious, right? Food and exercise, a common mantra in weight loss. The real secret, to me, is getting everyone else on board. That comes from standing your ground and stating your intentions. Willpower? I can muster up the willpower to do my own thing, but that doesn’t mean I live in a vacuum. Starting this week, on my 33rd birthday, I will explain to my family and friends my intentions. The hope is that with their support and my own determination, this whole plan will result in a trimmer, more vibrant me.

Next week I’ll focus on food, and the transition from junk to health. Right now, I’ve got menus to plan!

Author by Victor Agreda, Jr.