Fruits and veggies losing vitamins and minerals

Are fruit and vegetable growers taking care of the land they grow our food on in a sustainable and renewable way? Hardly — most fruits and vegetables are grown in “factories” far removed from the “garden-like” marketing messages many processed food manufacturers apply to their advertising images.

So, it comes as little surprise that the actual vitamin and mineral content found in fruits and vegetables located in most standard grocery stores are deplete of large amounts of vitamins and minerals compared to fruits and vegetables farmed from sustainable and unpoisoned soil from 100 years ago. But, hey, that’s just my opinion from in-depth research. Eating organic helps quite a bit of this situation.

The best solution? If you can, plant a small garden where you can grow your own vegetables and possibly some fruits as well. Unless the climate does not permit it, this is a great idea for many people, although very impractical for most without yards to work with. But then, there are farmer co-ops and local farmer markets that can do this for you.

Author by Brian White