For guys: overhaul your body!

We men are notorious for going to great lengths to improve our aesthetic appeal. Protein supplements, hours a day at the gym, cardio until we can’t walk straight: whatever it takes, we will do it! That’s why MSN scoped out Men’s Health magazine’s Ultimate Body Overhaul for a diverse way to curb your build. From your shoulders to your butt, legs and feet (yes, that’s feet) — it’s all there!

If you have four to eight weeks to dedicate to your body, then check out the routines they are peddling. Some are more standard than others (bench press vs. toe spreader), but Men’s Health is a trusted source for this kind of thing so you know you’re getting the full treatment.

Whether you are discovering muscles you didn’t even know you had, or a veteran gym troll looking to tweak his rhomboids, this Ultimate Body Overhaul is worth checking out.

Author by Adams Briscoe