Fish fraud! Watch out for that wild salmon

There are plenty of reasons why people would rather sink their teeth into salmon that is “wild” as opposed to farm-raised. It has a more distinct taste with a stronger flavor and firmer feel to it. Not to mention it isn’t gray like the farmed kind.

Turns out that some stores are stocking farm-raised salmon that’s labeled “wild” during the slower season. In November, December, and March, a test was conducted on 23 store-bought salmon that were marketed as “wild.” Only 10 passed the test as being such; the other 13 were frauds.

Another interesting twist involved the “organic” salmon. With no federal standards, the unlabeled fish that were tested came from farms as well. So what does this mean? Well, since the “wild” kind ordinarily costs more, and doesn’t have added toxins, people should be getting what they paid for — not a farmed alternative marked up at a higher price. If you want to avoid the fish fraud, get it during the summer when it’s most abundant. This will minimize your chances of getting salmon that’s falsely labeled.

Author by Adams Briscoe