Fast Food Nation

You’ve probably heard of this book from Eric Schlosser — it’s gained international attention and even has a movie based on it. But have you read it? I have, and it made me seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. I haven’t yet, but I also haven’t visited a McDonald’s since.

In it, Schlosser delves into the dirty world of fast food, exposing everything from marketing to employee policies, kitchen practices to slaughterhouse conditions. He explores food borne illness outbreaks, the the difficulty of being a farmer or rancher in the monopolistic food world, and they ways in which our food is produced, handled and cooked, all with a human touch earned by including personal stories, both of success and failure. The book is supported with painstaking fact that, while it can be a bit boring to read, lets the reader know just how far Schlosser went and how hard he worked to write to this book.

It’s not just a book about food — it’s a book about a nation that traded individuality for convenience. I highly suggest you read it; You might love it or hate it, but no matter what, it will make you think.

Author by Martha Edwards