Exercise excitement: music playlists downloadable from Martha Stewart staffers

Having just learned to run with earphones, I am still deciding whether I like it or not. There are the issues of safety foremost, and then also comfort and logistics (where does that cord go when you run?)

What music should be on my list is something I haven’t even begun to refine. But I do know that loud music when it’s hot out makes me feel sick, and new agey music when I’m running in the deep of night with the stars overhead is blissful.

Just in time for my exploration of the perfect running playlist, there’s a new resource for adding some oomph to my next run, walk, jog, or skate. The Martha Stewart magazine called Blueprint is offering downloadable jogging playlists of their staffers’ favorite exercise music, which they promise to update frequently throughout the fall. Whether they have good taste remains to be seen, and will surely be a decision for each reader/downloader to decide for him or herself.

What’s on your exercise playlist? Is it free and downloadable? If so, give us a link!

Author by Larissa Brown