Emotional stress has a bigger impact than we thought

Fighting with your spouse, tensions at work, a negative co-worker or friend — these are all things that cause us to be emotionally stressed out. Usually, when the problem is resolved, our stress melts away and we feel relieved. But what if that stress has a lasting impact on our health? Ac coding to this, social interaction plays a much bigger role in our lives — as the author puts it, we can catch someone’s emotions just as easily as we can catch a cold from them. This works both ways, as people can spread both harmful negative emotion as well as helpful positive emotion.

I can relate to this. For years, I worked in an office full of nitpicky, mean and downright catty people who were unhappy with their lives and tried to spread that unhappiness all around. My current workplace is free of those negative emotions, thank goodness. But it doesn’t seem fair that someone else’s negativity can impact our own emotional health. How do we protect ourselves?

Author by Martha Edwards