Daily Fit Tip: Prepare your fruit and veggies

How many of us take time to pick just the right produce, bring it home, stick it in the crisper drawer … and then forget about it only to find it soggy and smelly next week when we want to make a salad? That’s a healthy meal and good money down the drain. If you’re guilty of “hidden produce syndrome,” try just this one simple tip today or the next time you return from the market:

When you bring your groceries home, take 15 minutes to prepare your fruits and veggies, storing them in see-through containers and resealable bags at eye-level in your fridge — and not in your crisper drawer.

Imagine how much easier it will be to assemble a last-minute salad if the carrots, cucumbers and celery are cut up, placed in perforated storage bags. Or how much simpler it will be to pack your lunch if the pineapple and melon are already sliced, ready to grab-and-go in plastic containers. Yes, you have to invest the time upfront for the preparation but given that our time is so limited on a daily basis, it’s time well-spent. And the next time you or your family open the fridge looking for a quick snack, a variety of colorful, ready-to-go fruits and veggies will hopefully make a healthy choice easier.

For tips on how to best store produce in the fridge, check this out.

Author by Kristi Anderson