Chlorella: Nature’s amazing superfood

If you’re into superfoods and clean, plant-based sources of nutrition, you’ve probably heard of chlorella, an algae-based nutritional supplement taken in tablet, powder or capsule form. After extensively researching how chlorella works, I started taking chlorella daily. After several years, I really do feel it offers me just about the best nutrition nature has available.

Although there are varying opinions on chlorella on the internet, one thing is for certain: Chlorella packs a great amount of plant-based protein and, according to many sources, can aid in removing heavy metals and pesticides from our bodies. Pesticides, you say? Even though you may not realize it, most of us eat pesticide-laden foods everyday, and water sources can also be laced with pesticides and herbicides, even in tiny amounts.

We’ve all heard about produce washes, scrubbing and/or peeling our produce, eating organic fruits and vegetables and drinking purified or distilled water. But if you’re looking for more unique and proactive measures you can take, do your own research on chlorella and possibly introduce it to your health routine. And speaking of water, have you ever had your local water tested for various chemicals? Contact your local water processing plant and request the chemical breakdown. They should have this available, since it is an EPA requirement.


Author by Brian White