Cayenne Pepper 101

It is said that some like it hot, but I like it hotter. I love peppers — hot spicy gems from destinations like the West Indies or Sri Lanka, which are far warmer. I’m guessing you’re getting the picture. Other than burning my taste buds into a non-existent state or clearing up a stuffy nose, there are a lot of medicinal qualities associated with peppers that I did not know. Let’s look at cayenne pepper to start.

The key to cayenne pepper is a substance called capsaicin, the part of the plant valued by herbalists and scientists across the globe — high in vitamins A and C and highly nutritious.

According to this essortment site which gives the fiery pepper a moment in the spotlight, cayenne can be used for toothaches, congestion problems, as a liniment for sprains and — when it is in tea form — used for the relief of a common cold. Granny’s Kitchen is also a fan of the pepper, calling it the Herbal King of Natural Healing. Cayenne is said to promote blood flow and deliver healing blood into sick or dying organs better than any other organ. Blown away yet? I am, because I honestly had no clue how amazing cayenne pepper could be! Check out this piece to get the full 101 on the pepper beyond medicine and in the kitchen. Let’s not forget, it tastes good, too.

Author by Adrienne Wilson