Bodywall: a fun stick-um wall for your Spiderman stretches

Workouts getting boring? Interested in trying something really new in your workouts?

Well, here’s the Bodywall.

Bodywall is a stick-um velcro-like wall that allows you to do Spiderman poses. But the people at the Bodywall website say you can also use it for strength training and injury rehabilitation.

Bodywall says it’s an alternative (or complement) to weight lifting and stretching. They say that the wall has a soft surface (they don’t actually mention velcro), and that you can climb it. They say with Bodywall that “you are the equipment.” I can see how it would take the gravity out of stretching.

The possibilities for injury rehab are pretty cool, too. You can put the body into an odd position and then work on a specific group of muscles to compensate and strengthen after a mishap. Bodywall considers this a big market opportunity for their product.

It comes with a special pair of gloves and shoes that will stick to the wall.

I am intrigued. Anything that can shake up my exercise routine is welcome.

But something bothers me about this product. Is this something that only high-fitness people would benefit from? Can I imagine holding myself up with one hand with my feet in the air? I can see how this would be dynamite for dancers and professional athletes. What about the rest of us?

It’s made in New Zealand. When I talked to Chris Toal at Bodywall, he said it would be available in late 2007 in the U.S. and would retail for about $3,500 U.S. I’m hoping that some American gyms invest in this and then we can all try it out before we decide to bring it home.

Thanks Trend Hunter!

Author by Daryl Kulak