Bags Under Eyes

The swollen and puffy area under the eyes, we generally called eyes bags. It’s the common phenomenon during the aging, meanwhile it also can appear due to uncomfortable symptom temporarily. For the methods of treating such bags, medication or home remedies are effective for reducing them at utmost.

Commonly the eye looks like a bag as it is puffy and swollen. The activities of eyelids depend on muscles and tissues surrounding your eyes, those parts would become more weak accompanied by your aging process. At the same time, fat around the eye will give extra supports to your eyes which need move ahead, thus the range around your eye will become puffy. Under some occasions, due to the accumulation of the fluid under the area, these parts will swell. If you want let puffy or swollen symptoms remove or hide, you can follow up below methods to have a try.

1. What are the symptoms?

Generally the eyes bags look like the area under your eye seemed round and slightly swollen, and the loose or sagged skin will happen surrounding them. Under some occasions, dark circle also can appear at this area.

2. What are causes?

  • The most popular reason is the aging course causes the appearance of eye bags or dark circle. With the aging, the tissues under this area will be weaker and fat here will fall down accordingly. Here is the area easy to accumulate fluid, thus lead to being puffy and swollen.
  • When the climate is hot or humid, you eat a lot of salty foods, the fluid retention level will be increased. In addition, your changeable hormone levels also will influence the appearance of eye bags.
  • If you don’t have enough sleep or if you always have a tummy sleeping, these also can lead to the bags under the eye.
  • Under some occasions, these bags also are caused by hereditary.
  • If you are suffering allergy or dermatitis, their negative effects will cause your red and itchy eyes which looks like puffy or swollen.

3. How to treat?

How to treat by medication?

1) A chemical peel or laser resurface for wrinkles around eye. The wrinkles surrounding this skin area look embarrassed and seemed older than actual ages. Therefore a chemical peel or laser resurface can be available for treating such wrinkles because these treatments can make eyes skin tightly and make the tone improved. They also can be helpful with eliminating discoloration and swelling symptoms of eye bags.

2) A blepharoplasty operation for serious eye bags. When the bags have been very serious or even influence the normal life, a blepharoplasty surgery can be applied for treatment. The specialist doctor will make an incision under the eyelashes of below eyelids where have natural eyes creases. By such blepharoplasty operation, the extra fat or sagging skin can be removed from the area under the eyes. In order to make the skin tightly, after operation the doctor will place stitches inner part under the eyelids or under the creases.

Some home remedies

1) Keep enough sleep and correct sleeping posture. You must ensure you have enough sleep more than 7 to 8 hours per night. A correct sleeping posture requires you should raise head slightly and keep distance from the bed around a few inches. Such posture can be helpful with preventing the accumulation of fluid around the eyes.

2) Try a method of cool compress. Use a clean towel and dip it into cool water. You need sit up and use a mild pressure to compress the skin around your eyes. And then keep some minutes in order to eliminate the swollen skin.

3) Be away from allergens. Some people may be allergic to some allergens such as hair dye, soaps or cosmetic etc. These allergens may cause the swollen eyes bags. In order to prevent such allergy symptoms, the doctor can find a better way to check allergens through taking OTC drugs.

4) Treat hay fever. The symptoms of hay fever can be relieved through taking OTC drugs and thus the swollen around the eyes can be reduced accordingly. You can consult your doctor whether your eyes bags are caused by hay fever and then find a proper way to treat.

5) Take use of a neti pot to eliminate swollen problem. The buildup will occur due to allergy, congestion or a cold. By irritating nasal cavity, a neti pot can clean these left buildup. The swollen phenomenons caused by above conditions can be eliminated.

6) Rid bad habits in daily life. Rubbing eyes during a whole day can lead to the appearance of bruising, so do not do like this. Before sleeping in the night, you should wash and clean out makeup so that eyes can not be irritated by cosmetics. In addition, regular drinking can lead to dehydrate around the skin of this area and thus the skin is weaker. Do not smoke because your body will have problems in blood vessel due to smoking, meanwhile blue and obvious veins will occur.

7) Use cosmetics to hide dark or swollen symptoms. You can select a concealer similar color to your eyes skin to hide these swollen bags. A creamy concealer covered widely can be used to hide very dark skin around eyes. Pat lightly around them including inner and outer corner of eyes.

8) Keep a healthy diets. The appearance of your skin can be well improved if taking vitamins, having balanced diets as well as drinking enough water. Lack of antioxidants, vitamin B12 or vitamin K in diets can cause dark circles phenomenon. The area around eyes are puffy which can be avoided by less salt in the diets and meanwhile the veins looks not very blue. You can obtain a clear color of the skin through eating more green leave vegetables and fruits or other vegetables,

9) Make yourself relaxed so as to reduce pressure and have a positive attitude. If you feel pressure and if you conduct matters anxiously, these will ruin your exist habits of diets and moreover can cause improper sleeping. Thus your skin under your eyes will be puffy or swollen. Relaxed yourself can influence your skin conditions

10) Take use of eyes cream to reduce eye bags. The skin surrounding your eye can be well repaired if using such cream including vitamin A and K, and so as to reduce the symptoms of puffy eyes bags for a long time.

11) Some home-made cures.

  • Homemade cucumber slices. Place tow slices of cucumber covering the eyes bags and keep 10 to 15 min. every day when you lay and close your eye. Execute this way as a daily task, your swollen eyes bags can be reduced.
  • Homemade tea bags. A tea contains Tannin ingredient which can be helpful for treating the skin discoloration. Let yourself lay down and close your eyes every morning, and place a tea bag which is cool and damp on the eyes around 10 to 15 min. If you want to have a better effect, you can choose a tea bag containing caffeine.
  • Homemade saline. Prepare a half tbs. baking soda, two cups water and 1/4 tbs sea salt, and mix them together. And then put the mixture into a squeeze bottle or a neti pot. Spray the mixture into your nostrils. Notice that let your head tilt so as the mixture can go into one nostril and run out from the other nostril, thus help with eliminating the buildup in your sinuses.
  • Homemade potato puree. Select a potato which is not cooked. Use blender to blend this potato until a puree formed. Now you need lie down and keep flat, close your eyes and place one spoon puree at the area around your eye. Stay around 30 min. Finally use warm water to wash lightly and clean out the residues on the skin.
  • Homemade frozen spoon. This method looks like cold compress. A spoon needs frozen around 10-15 min. until it’s cold. Place the frozen spoon on the dark circles around your eyes till the spoon change warm as before.