Back Pain during Menstruation

Lower back pain is common among women during the menstrual period.  It may be caused by endometriosis which is a reproductive abnormality or an ovarian cyst which entails medical supervision.  Normally, however, back pain is due to Dysmenorrhea.  This is caused by uterine contractions to push the lining out.  The pain may be heightened by pressure, anxiety and lack of physical activity.

There are several ways to relieve menstrual back pain.  There are prescription drugs and hormonal pills for women experiencing extreme pain during her period.  These, however, are not advisable because of the health risk and negative side effects.  One of the healthiest and most effective treatment is water.  Dehydration is normally a major cause of pain and this is worsened by a woman’s loss of appetite during her period.  Drinking water helps reduce the pain during menstruation.  In addition to water therapy, taking vitamin E and B are highly recommended since it helps regulate the hormones.  Drinking herbal teas like chamomile and raspberry can significantly help if taken regularly.

To effectively reduce stress and relieve back pain, heat therapy must be administered.  It dilates the capillaries and improves the flow of oxygen-rich blood.  This causes the tense muscles to relax and the discomfort to lessen if not totally diminish.  Far Infrared Ray heat works even better than regular heat because it penetrates deeper, reaching the body’s muscles and bones.

There are Far Infrared Ray wraps now available in the market.  Not only do they produce deep penetrating heat, they are also convenient and proven safe to use.  The thermal wraps are form fitting and adjustable.  The Velcro lock causes it to not slip and stay in place.  Its heating element produces even heat so accidental burning is not a problem.

Having the monthly visitor is already inconvenient as is.  Reduce the discomfort by getting rid of the back pain that comes with menstruation by drinking lots of water, taking vitamins and using FIR heat wraps for therapy.