Are calorie counts important to chefs?

When you go out to eat, do you wonder about the nutrition value of the food you are eating? For many of us, eating out is a choosy experience, as we want to enjoy the atmosphere, food and company without overindulging in a 1,000 calorie meal that really is way too much for the body to process if taken as a whole.

Not surprisingly, chefs surveyed around the country admitted that taste, looks and customer expectations are what matter when they determine portion size for the various meals they prepare. Not only did this surprise me, I’m surprised a national survey like this took so long to come out publicly. Many folks I witness out eating are way more concerned that they are getting huge amounts of food rather than the overall experience of eating what should be a decent portion size and enjoying the overall environment as opposed to eating five full courses.

How about you? One one in six of the chefs surveyed said the calorie content was very important and half said it didn’t matter at all — so why should the restaurant visitor care? Well, for starters, treating your body like a nutrition paradise is a goal that many of us should have — and that’s not to say that you can’t indulge on occasion when the mood strikes — it should not be the overall goal of eating out though. Quantity is not quality.

Author by Brian White