Anti-Itch Home Remedies

As a common symptom, itching is usual easy to be cured by home remedy of anti-itch. Because the home remedies are variety, you may select another one if one remedy don’t have obvious effects. The important thing is you should ask for your doctor if itching can not be explained and solved.

Itch is not painful, but can be very distressing if it is persistent. The symptoms of itch include; reddened areas on the skin, a rash, nail marks from previous scratching, bumps and dry flaking skin. Itching can be caused by the following conditions; contact dermatitis, Psoriasis, liver and kidney problems. The good news is there is always an anti-itch home remedy close by that can help relieve the discomfort.

Generally persistent itching is very distressing, although it doesn’t pain. There are various itching symptoms such as dry flaking skin, bumps, nail marks, rash as well as red area of skin. Some conditions can cause itching , for instance, when experiencing kidney, liver, psoriasis and even contact dermatitis. Fortunately, it’s easy for you to get anti-itch home remedy which can decrease uncomfortable feeling.

The anti-Itch home remedy in details

  1. Use an OTC anti-itch lotion or cream.Many OTC anti-itch creams are effective for relieving uncomfortable itching for the time being. For mild itching, you can choose creams with mild steroid to treat itching such as 1% hydrocortisone. For serious itching, you can choose creams with antihistamine to reduce itching such as diphenhydramine.
  2. Rub your body with the moisturizer each day. You can use creams or lotions with famous brand for 1-2 times each day. You must be sure the most itchy area has been well rubbed completely.
  3. Do not scratch the areas which have been affected. Despite that you can relieve the itching temporarily by scratching method, the itchy area will be irritated further and thus became more worse. In order to avoid involuntary scratch, you should have your nails shorted, as far as possible wear soft gloves of pure cotton during sleeping and meanwhile cover the skin of itching.
  4. Cover the itching area with a towel moistened in cool water. As cool water can offer the itchy skin the required moisture, it is able to be effective for relieving the itching. Whatever a clean gauze or a towel can be covered the areas which have been affected.
  5. Take a cool water bath. Generally hot water bath can make the skin drying. When you are expected to relief of itching, you can take cool water baths as many as possible. But remember bubble baths, powders even perfumed bath oil can not be used, because perfumes play a role of further irritating the itchy area and meanwhile PH levels of the skin also can be changed.
  6. Add baking soda or colloidal oatmeal into the bath water. There are few ways how to use baking soda or colloidal oatmeal for bathe. One way is to add baking soda into bath water and mix them evenly. The ratio is 1cup soda to water full in the tub. Try to soak your body into the tub for at least one hour. Do not use towel to dry your body, let it dry naturally. Second way is to make a soda paste. The ratio is three tablespoons soda to 1 tablespoon water, mix them eventually. After finishing, rub the paste mixture to the serious areas of itching skin. Third way is regarding colloidal oatmeal. You can purchase it in the drug stores locally. Or you can grind oatmeal into powder and finish your own homemade colloidal oatmeal. A blender or coffee grinder can be used for making. 1-2 cups of oatmeal need be added and stop blending till it becomes a fine powder. When using colloidal oatmeal, you should ensure a warm bath water. Because too hot water will not make oatmeal a powder status, thus a thicker paste will occur and it’s very difficult to clean out of your tub.
  7. Use aloe vera. Take a leaf from aloe vera plant, rub it to the areas of itching. Because the gel of aloe vera is effective for reducing inflammation and less irritating the skin.
  8. Use lemon to reduce itching. Lemon is a folk remedy naturally of anti-inflammation and relieving anesthetic. So it can be used for relief of the itching. Have lemon cut a half. Gentle squeezing to the itchy skin and rub softly.
  9. Homemade a paste of juniper berry to relieve itching. Juniper berries are effective for anti-inflammation and itching relief, which is found by Native Americans. Generally you can purchase them at your healthy food stores locally. If you want to relieve the itching additionally, then you can add some cloves into them. You can purchase these fresh ingredients together, and grind them by your coffee grinder. The grinding process is helpful for releasing the most oils contained in the spices. Here is a way to make a paste of juniper berries. Firstly melt 3 ounces butter and 2 ounces beeswax together. Secondly 5 tablespoons of juniper berries and 3 tablespoons of cloves need be grinded, and then add them into the above melted mixtures. Finally stir the mixtures constantly till forming a paste. You can rub it to the itchy skin until the mixture becomes cool.
  10. Try to wear lightweight and more soft cotton fabric. You’re suggested to wear lightweight and soft cotton fabric, it is because thick and tight clothes are easy to rub your skin so that further irritate the itchy area. Some allergic kinds of materials are including spandex, wool as well as polyester. The clothing with 100 percent cotton can reduce reactions of allergy.
  11. Use soaps without fragrance and dye. The allergic reaction of skin can be caused by fragrant and dye soaps. If itching of your skin is serious, you’d better try to change a soap without fragrance and dye and check whether your skin accepts or not. As all kinds of soaps result in drying the skin lightly, you should wash completely so as not to let any soap remaining on the skin.
  12. Use a laundry soap without scents but mild. Many laundry detergents are made of caustic chemicals in order to have very dirty parts washed away. Actually, many people feel sensitive for these chemical ingredients. If the body can not be improved through changing soaps, go ahead change the soaps used for washing clothes. You can find words like ‘fragrance-free’ or ‘clean’ indicated on the labels of branded soaps.
  13. Away from the substances which are irritating. Generally, cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals are able to irritate the skin. Therefore try to wear rubber gloves at the time you clean or cook. There is alcohol ingredient in perfumed and scent lotions, which can irritate the skin and lead to the itching of the skin. On the other hand, some metals also can arise itching and reactions of allergy, for instance costume jewelry as well as nickel etc. It must be mentioned that the latex products also can cause high morbidity of allergy. Then for sensitive people is better wear PVC gloves that are not much allergy.
  14. Use the itching remedies of herbs. Some herbs are anesthetic and anti-inflammation naturally. One is menthol contained in the mint. You can brew up a cup of mint tea until it’s cool. Pour the cool tea at the itching areas of the skin. Another herb is thyme. You also can brew up a cup of thyme tea. Because thyme contains the chemical thymol, it is able to play a role of numbness besides as a kind natural anti-inflammation. The making way is 1/2 ounce dry thyme required one pint boiling water. Then mix them till cool. Meanwhile, you can put 1 ounce dandelion root into this tea if you want additional relieving itchy skin. Here mentioned the third herb is basil which is also a kind of natural anesthetic. Mix 1/2 ounce basil with one pint boiling water till cool. Pour this tea at the itchy skin. If you need the itchy areas being compressed, you can soak a towel into the teas.

What time do you need consult with your doctor?

When the itching is developed any of the following symptoms, you really need see your doctor immediately. Firstly, your body has covered a large itching range. Secondly, your itching symptom can not be solved after two weeks of home remedies. Thirdly, it has hindered your sleep during the night. Lastly, it has influenced you to proceed normal working. On the other hand, if you are itching, simultaneously you have another symptoms including bladder issue, bowel issue, losing weight, fever, fatigue as well as changing color of skin, which should be caught your attention. For some unexplained itching, you also need go to your doctor. You should inform your doctor about the home remedies you’ve used, particularly using herbs.

You will need to see a doctor if itching follows these patterns: covers a large area of your body, does not resolve with home remedies after 2 weeks time, and is preventing you from sleeping at night or carrying out normal daily tasks. Itching that has other symptoms such as; fever, fatigue, weight loss, bowel and bladder issues or changes in skin color are also cause for concern. You will also need to see a doctor for treatment if the onset of itching is unexplained. Make sure you let the doctor know any home remedies you have tried, especially if you are using herbs.