30 Day Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Through reducing fewer calories than activity burned, you’re required to run at a calorie deficit if you want weight loss. We’ve proposed a 30 days meal plan which can make you more easier to cut fewer calories but not miss the demanded nutrition for your body.

In the whole day, the amount of calories intake should be fewer than the calories you burn, this is the rule for losing weight. Every day you need run 500 calorie deficit, totally 3500 calories are reduced every week, under such condition you can reduce 1 pound every week. You will have difficulties in planing meals to complete your goal, specially you can not count calories easily.

Whatever men or women can lose desired weight under 30 days meal plan’s help. Specialist dieticians suggest men need use up 2000 to 2300 calories every day and but women need use up 1400 to 1800 calories every day and then lose their weight accordingly. In addition, it’s to be noticed that height, age, body build, activities’ level and other kinds of factors shall influence and change consumed calories amount. The following information are for your reference.

30 Day Meal Plan

1. Correct breakfast collocation. In order to lose weight more easier, try to avoid some high calories foods. Eggs, pancakes, bacon and other classic breakfast foods are containing high calories. As morning is the time for people’s metabolism peak, you are allowed to have more at first meal. To avoid gastrectasia and stomach, you should eat small portion one time slowly and chew this portion constantly more than 6 times before swallowing.

2. Correct lunch collocation. Some greasy and fried foods belong to junk foods which are bad to your health. Thus eating some healthy foods are recommended during your lunch, which is a good method for losing weight. Overeating shall make you sick or bloated, so two piece of small meals can let you feel full but not overeating.

3. Correct dinner collocation. Don’t eat anything between breakfast and lunch, try to drink water or green tea during this period. Additionally if dinner is too late to make digestion slowly and then you will feel stomach bloating, so you’re suggested to have dinner not later than 7:30-8:00 pm. It can make sure your stomach keep empty at least two hours before you get to bed.

4. Correct snack collocation. When you go out for a trip, you should prevent the temptation of high calories snacks from restaurants or vending machines. Then try to bring healthy snacks at such time. In order not to have the urge of eating more snacks, you can drink a lot of water between your meals.

5. Some foods must be avoided. Eliminating junk foods from your daily life is very necessary to obtain your goal of weight loss, especially from the initial six months. On the 7th month, you’re allowed to eat beloved limited junk foods as your special enjoyed days on Sundays. Sweets, starchy foods, chocolate, white bread, sugary foods and other kinds of simple carbohydrates foods should be eliminated from your diets too. Don’t eat any more if you feel stomach very tight and full. Thus you can be sure you are not overeating and your body are provided enough food amount.

Suggested meal plan

1. The first day meal plan

1) The breakfast on the first day

Cereals and and milk which contains low fat, you can put some fresh fruit if you want.

An apple and two bananas

A small bowl of watermelon or muskmelon

An egg which is fried by olive oil or other non-fat oil, or you can select two eggs which are hard boiled.

2) The lunch on the first day

Making a big salad meal including a green chili, chili flake, julienned carrots, capsicum, broccoli, olives, tomatoes, lettuce, dressing plain boiled with low fat or little olive oil, grilled shredded chicken, salmon (or select other kind of fish) . Milk shake for losing weight also can be selected at lunch.

3) The dinner on the first day

Choose toast without fat butter and without cheese, fruit green tea ( a small bowl) as well as green tea put into brown sugar.

4) The snacks on the first day

If you really feel hungry, try to choose biscuits without fat.

Some nuts with low fat for example pine nuts or pistachios

Between breakfast and lunch, you can select a lot of water ,and green tea with brown sugar and lemon.

2. The second day meal plan

1) The breakfast on the second day

Egg whites need half a cup and butter needs one tablespoon, and then drizzled them on two pieces of whole wheat toast.

In addition, two tablespoons of peanut butter and a little amount of apples also can be eaten.

2) The lunch on the second day

Drizzled with two tablespoons of full-fat dressing on spinach or little romaine lettuce salad.

Garbanzo beans need half a cup, grilled chicken needs three to four ounces.

2 ounces grilled tofu or steak, 1 tablespoon honey mustard dressing and a piece of wheat packed alfalfa sprouts also can be consumed during lunch.

3) The dinner on the second day

4 cups of vegetables should be roasted by 2 tablespoons cooked olive oil.

Baked salmon

A half sweet potato which is drizzled with a piece of butter

4) The snacks on the second day

1 tablespoon agave nectar drizzled on a protein bar with 200 calories.

Or you can drink 8 ounces of plain non-fat Greek yogurt topped with a half cup berries.

3. The third day meal plan

1) The breakfast on the third day

2 eggs fried together with 1 cup mushrooms

2 tablespoons of cheese shredded

2) The lunch on the third day

4 ounces meat or fish

2 tablespoons creamy

Dressing with caesar

Using 3 cups of lettuce and other vegetables make out a salad.

Tuna kebabs from Asian also can be consumed at your lunch.

3) The dinner on the third day

8 ounces steak 3 cups sauteed spinach fried by olive oil

Or above meals can be replaced to a beef burgers drizzled with Feta and tomato

4) The snacks on the third day

One cheese stick

Or you can consume one cup celery topped with 2 tablespoons peanut butter

4. The fourth day meal plan

1) The breakfast on the fourth day

A banana

3/4 cup bran flakes, topped with 1 cup milk with fat-free

2) The lunch on the fourth day

A cheese stick with part-skim mozzarella

2 kiwi fruits

lettuce and mustard topped with 1 teaspoon of low fat mayonnaise

3 ounces of turkey breast

A half pepper which has been roasted

1 piece of smaller whole wheat pita sandwich

3) The dinner on the fourth day

Mix 2 tablespoons of grated broiled golden brown Parmesan with 2 slices of plum tomatoes and 1 cup steamed broccoli

1 cup of non-fat pudding

1 cup couscous which is cooked

4 ounces of sole or flounder which is broiled

4) The snacks on the fourth day

1 tablespoon of agave nectar

Or you can consume 1 cup vegetables and fruits topped with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Or you only consume nuts with low fat.

5. The fifth day meal plan

1) The breakfast on the fifth day

8 ounces non-fat milk

Making a smoothie by 1 cup frozen berries

Along with a half of an English muffin, a half of a banana topped with 1 teaspoon non-fat margarine

2) The lunch on the fifth day

1 cup vegetable soup along with 6 ounces non-fat yogurt

1 piece of veggie burger made by a whole wheat pita drizzled with lettuce, salsa as well as 15 grapes

3) The dinner on the fifth day

A half cup of baked vegetarian beans

1 teaspoon of non-fat margarine

3 little red potatoes which is boiled, put a pinch dill on it

4 ounces grilled chicken breast without bone and skin, put small amount of barbecue sauce on it.

4) The snacks on the fifth day

A protein bar with low fat

Or you can consume crackers or biscuits with low fat at a serving

Note: In subsequent twenty days, please repeat above meal plan accordingly and see your desired results.

More hints and tips need your attention.

As a basic way to loose weight, you have to walk 304 kilometers per week. In addition, brisk walking or jogging in 10 to 15 min. is also a good choice. You don’t need join in some vigorous exercises , however you should try to climb stairs with your utmost efforts but not take elevators, and try to select longer or farer distances as the time you go to stores, those ways could make you reduce extra calories. Additionally yoga is a relaxed way to help you reduce your calories, you can join a yoga class.

If you are eager to eat at late night, you should sip water instead of eating foods. Just like above mentioned, you can not drink water if later than 8 pm because metabolism is weak at this time. On contrary, metabolism is very strong and get to its peak in the morning, so you need take more calories. The overweight you’ve beset for a long time can be removed by this meal plan that can cut your excessive calories.