How going to the Moon and Mars are Good for the American People

It was recently stated that the NASA budget is not going to have the funds needed in order to go to the Moon in the year 2020. I think that it is

The effect of insulin resistance on hormones

Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body’s insulin receptors are not as receptive to the hormone insulin, causing the pancreas to produce more insulin in order for the body to

Mars – Yes

The human race has existed for a relatively short time, and since the beginning we have grown in population and expanded our domain. Restricting the colonization of other planets goes against human


When you are looking into UFO’s many have just plain curiosity or have had an experience of a kind and want to know more. To read about other’s experiences you need to

First Woman in Space

Immediately after the Soviet Union’s success in putting the first man into space in 1961, the head of cosmonaut training on the Russian space programme, Nikolai Kamanin, suggested to his superiors that

Should we Colonize Mars – Yes

I agree with Doctor Stephen Hawking about the subject of extraterrestrial colonization. In order for humanity to survive minor cosmic events, such as asteroid or cometary collisions with Earth, we need to

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Many people believe that there is some form of life beyond the earth. But is there any scientific evidence for extra-terrestrial intelligence? Scientists have even recently found the amino acid glycine on

Mars Rome

In this legend, Mars plays a major role on how Rome came to be, according to Roman mythology the founders of Rome were Romulus and Remus. The twin brothers parents again according

The Hubble Space Telescope

Since at least 1923, about 34 years before mankind managed to put a satellite in orbit, plans to put a telescope in space have been made. About 50 years later, in the

Jupiter Outerspace Universe Milky way Solar System Earth Plant Gas

This is an article describing many features and facts about the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. I wrote this a few months ago and posted it on different forums and