Natural remedies for summer

Nothing pierces a hot summer day, like a child that begins to scream and cry suddenly as if for no apparent  reason.   A mother’s heart will skip a beat or two as she moves quickly towards her child and realizes that they have been stung by a bee or wasp.

With a little bit of natural remedy knowledge, you can bring great relief to anyone suffering from a bee or wasp sting even if you are outdoors away from home.

Scrape the stinger with your finger nail rather than pulling it out directly.  Look around, if you are in a grassy area, for a common weed known as plantain.  It can be picked and torn into two or three shreds (called bruising the plant) and applied directly to the sting.  It will provide excellent relief to the inflammation caused by the sting.  If ice is available, place the ice in a plastic baggie or wrap it in a clean cloth.  Apply it directly after using the plantain for an additional numbing and soothing affect.

Should you be close to home, a wonderful remedy is mixing three tablespoons of household baking soda with one tablespoon of water.  This will make a thick paste that you can apply directly on the sting.  It will bring almost instantaneous relief as you sooth and comfort a child or adult.

Once the sting has subsided you can cut open a vitamin E capsule and apply it to the sting to promote healing.  Ester C taken daily(5,000  – 15,000 mg) will relieve the toxicity because of the anti-inflammatory properties it contains.  Ester C is also PH neutral so these are not excessive dosages.  Adjust amounts according to body weight, ie a child versus an adult.

Always keep a close watch on you child for any adverse reactions after a bee or wasp sting.  A reaction can take minutes or hours to develop.  Any immediate excessive balloon like swelling or difficulty breathing should be considered an emergency.  A quick trip to the emergency room is necessary.

Having the knowledge of natural remedies and a gentle quick response will help the victim of a bee or wasp sting to recover quickly and enjoy the rest of a hot summer day.