Natural remedies for summer

Summer is a wonderful time of the year for children and parents to spend time outside at the beach, camping, or enjoying outside activities and sports.  Using natural remedies will ensure that families have fun and remain safe from summer issues.

One of the best natural remedies for bee stings, sun burn and cuts or scrapes is aloe, to use as needed.  The aloe plant has a natural healing gel inside that repairs damaged skin areas keeps swelling and infection in check.  In addition, the application of aloe does not cause any stinging so it is very safe for small children as well as adults.

Another natural healing method is to apply ice immediately to most insect/bug stings or bites, which acts as a safe acting anti-inflammatory and works more quickly and effectively than most prescription medications.  According to the current available data, the application of ice is to apply 20 minutes, off 20 minutes, then repeat as needed.

Equally important during the scorching days of summer is to keep your family hydrated by drinking cool water throughout the day.  The body consistently loses water with normal actions and more so during increased activity during hot summer days.  Drinking water throughout the day provides protection against heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Drinking water throughout the day is beneficial, yet water alone may be inadequate to maintain good hydration.  Electrolytes are salts and minerals the body needs and uses to supply ongoing energy and also to maintain the body’s balance and normal range of temperature.  Drinking water keeps you cool, replaces the water lost by the body during normal activity and also rejuvenates the body when performing strenuous workouts or exercise.  Consequently, it is best to replace the body’s complete needs by drinking plenty of water and either taking natural electrolyte supplements or consuming drinks with water in combination with electrolytes, e.g., Gatorade or G2 type drinks.

It is also important to use a good natural sunscreen for adults and children.  While there are many advertised, some do not offer the protection they claim, so you must be careful when purchasing them.  One of the better sunscreens for the whole family that offers protection using all natural substances is Arbonne’s Baby Care Sunscreen with SPF30.  There are quite a few others available, but be certain the ingredients are natural and that the product does what it claims.

Having fun and being safe are the two priorities for a wonderful summer.  Using the above natural remedies will ensure that your family is well protected and also prepared for most typical outdoor summer emergencies.  So, remember to bring along plenty of “green” sunscreen, water, electrolyte supplements, aloe and ice to make sure you safely enjoy your outdoor summer activities.  A typical first aid kit will make your protection complete.