Natural remedies for summer

Natural remedies for Sunburn

Summer sunshine is very tempting and both adults and children get out in the open to enjoy the sun.  In the sultry summer most of us intend to wear fewer clothes and love to expose our body. But unfortunately too much fun in the sun is not at all good for the skin. Over exposure to the sun leads to sunburn and causes a great deal of stress and physical discomfort.

To enjoy the summer it is much better to prevent your self from sunburn than run for various sunburn treatments later. The key to save your self from tanning and sunburn is to always wear a good sun screen lotion before stepping out of the house. While buying a sunscreen lotion always remember to checkout the SPF content , adequately Sun protection factor should be 30 to 45. If the SPF content is low in your sunscreen lotion the ultra violet rays of the sun will definitely harm your skin badly.

There are several ways to treat sunburn naturally. The first and foremost treatment to cure sunburn is to cool it down. Before using any remedies it is very important to soak the sunburn affected areas in cold water. Alternatively you can use cold compressors. Cooling the sunburn area is very essential as cold reduces the swelling and takes out the heat from the skin.

Read on to learn the top tips of using some everyday kitchen ingredients to treat sunburns.

Natural remedies for Sunburns coming straight from the kitchen

To treat sunburn simply grate a potato or cucumber and apply it to the sun burn affected areas. Alternatively use chilled potato juice and apply it on the burned area. The potato starch helps a great deal to relief sunburns. Potato and cucumber aid in cooling and soothing the sunburn immensely. Potato and cucumber also help to reduce the swelling.

Tomatoes are an excellent treatment for healing sunburn as they help in changing painful sun burn into a modest tan. Simply soak finely peeled slices of tomato in buttermilk and apply them directly to the sunburn area. Tomato will not only lessen the redness and pain but will also help to close the pores. Alternatively mix a tomato with some natural yogurt for making a soothing and cooling mask. Use this mix on your face over your body to prevent yourself from sunburn.

The skin can be easily treated from sunburn if you add raw tomatoes to your diet and eat them regularly. The nutrient lycopene in tomato helps in protecting the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays.

Simply boil some lettuce in water for 8 to 10 minutes and let the water to cool .Once the water is cool strain it and apply it on the sunburn area. You can use cotton balls for application. Dip the cotton balls in the water and apply them to the affected area.

Make a cup of green tea, let it cool and apply it directly on the sunburn area using a cloth or cotton ball. . Green tea helps to expose the skin cells from sun damage and helps to treat sunburn. Green tea is packed with ingredients that help to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation damage and also reduces inflammation. You can use a green tea extract and apply it directly on the sunburn area, a very good remedy to treat Sunburns. Drinking green tea regularly also saves from sunburns.

The acid in the lemon helps to cure sunburn. In two cups of water add the juice of at least two to three lemons. Dip a cotton ball in the lemon water solution and dab it onto the burned areas. You will experience instant relief as lemon juice helps to cool the skin and reduces the pain too. Lemon is a natural disinfectant which helps to heal the skin naturally.

Vinegar is also an excellent home remedy. Simply soak few sheets of kitchen paper in white vinegar or cider vinegar. Place the soaked sheets on the affected area and leave them till the sheet becomes dry. Vinegar helps to ease the sunburn pain immensely and also reduces itching and inflammation.

Alternatively you can opt for different coating to sooth sunburn. You can use toothpaste, aloe Vera or a mix of egg white and honey to get relief from sunburn

Prevention is the best cure for sunburns; therefore always cover your skin with sunscreen before going outdoors. Try to limit your exposure to the sun especially between 11am and 3 pm as the sun rays are at their strongest during this time.

Visit the Doctor immediately if you have very large blisters. If you see any sign of infection in the affected skin such as pus or red steaks go to your doctor without making any delay.