How Stress Affects your Skin

Stress can cause eczema, acne, and psoriasis (to name a few) at very early ages in life. Some young children develop these problems, which can be very debilitating, because they look horrible, causing people to scratch them, resulting in horrible marks on the skin. When youngsters and teens have to live with this problem, they also face peer pressure from school mates also leading to insecurity which causes other problems.

Stress will cause some people to have psoriasis in their hair and even under their nails. Some people will have to cut their hair to use a shampoo and solution to prevent itching, then resulting in anxiety or depression.

Most physicians will prescribe medicated creams, but there are some who will recognize that these diseases evolve from some type of stress. After questioning, they will refer the patient to a counselor for therapy sessions.

Many youngsters who are either left alone, molested, or sent to Foster Care will develop psoriasis, eczema, or acne. If the problem is not solved, some of these children go on to adult life with ravages from these problems. There are young adults who become loners because they believe they are ugly because they have marks on their face and arms for many years. In some cases, they will come and go but when a stressful situation arrives; there will be another breakout.

Some teen-age girls will develop acne during their period time, but it is usually several breakouts either prior or during their menstrual cycle.

Many teen boys will develop acne, and sometimes it is related to greasy foods like hamburgers, etc., but in some cases it is directly related to stress.

There are people who do not develop the diseases discussed previously; but they get dryness of the skin when they are under stress. That causes the skin to itch resulting in scratching. There are medicated lotions and skin creams that one can use externally; however, recognizing what is causing the problem or what you have put on your skin is the solution.

Some people have skin conditions so severely that they have to get inoculations along with therapy.

Some adults have dealt with stress for so long without help that they develop cancer. Although skin cancer is not directly related to stress, .

The cycle of stress can cause drastic skin problems because some people become depressed because of how they look, the constant scratching, and because the disease can sometimes take a long time to control. This affects many areas of one’s life: relationships, work, etc.; however, there are ways that the cycle can be broken.

If you have a skin condition; make an appointment with a dermatologist, a skin doctors who specialize in these problems, and do follow the advice and treatment. If you are anxious or have been under stress, do share that with the physician who will determine if you should be referred to a mental health counselor.