Basic Skin Care Tips

Skin is the largest organ on our body. If we obsessed over every inch, we would never leave the bathroom. Having soft, glowing skin doesn’t need to be a huge investment. Follow these basic skin care tips and in no time, you’ll be stroking your own soft epidermis.

Start with a routine: Consistency is key. Keep your routine short and simple. For your face, stick with a bedtime regimen and a simple washing when you start your day. Your body, hands and feet can be cared for after a shower or bath.

Select a mild cleanser: Whether your skin is dry, oily, problematic or sensitive, use a daily facial cleanser that gently removes dirt. You don’t have to buy an expensive cleanser to do the job. I recommend Olay’s foaming cleanser or Deep Pore cleanser. Biore’s Cucumber face wipes and Biore’s foam wash are light and refreshing if you like to wash your face throughout the day.

Always wash your face with warm not hot water and pat dry. Never use bar soap to wash your face.

Scrubbing only agitates oily areas that are trying to maintain hydration so, avoid scrubs. Gentle exfoliation can be introduced after your skin adjusts to regular maintenance.

For your body, a shower gel or liquid is ideal but if you really want to simplify, use your shampoo as a body wash. Unlike bar soaps, liquid form soaps rinse off clean. It’s kinder on your skin, whereas bar soaps can leave an itchy residue. If you must use bar soap, go once-over with a clean body sponge after you’ve rinsed off the soap.

When to moisturize: Moisturize clean skin. After a shower or bath, leave your skin a little damp. It helps the body lotion spread easier and seal in the moisture. Start from the shoulders down, paying close attention to your elbows, knees and the heels of your feet. Aveeno’s Skin Relief is excellent on all skin types, even on children’s skin.

For busy hands, try Aveeno’s Intense Relief Hand Cream. The lotion stays on even through washing a sink full of dishes. At six dollars for a 3.5oz tube, it’s a bargain. If money’s not an issue, try L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream. Wintertime hand chaffing becomes history and the results are amazing.

When moisturizing the face, place a small amount on the back your hand. Finger a dab of lotion on the cheeks, forehead, corners of the mouth and the middle of your neck. Using your fingertips spread the lotion by patting it across don’t rub. Rubbing pulls your skin, eventually causing it to lose elasticity.

Follow up with a gentle massage, stretching your facial muscles up, out and down the neck. Work the remaining lotion on the back of your hand with the other hand. I recommend Olay’s Night Recovery treatment as a night cream before bed.

And if you want to hear a secret, keep your lips sealed with a medicated lip balm like Blistex. It will keep your lips soft, healthy-looking and irresistible.

Sunscreens: Daily applications of sunscreen on exposed skin will not only prevent sunburn but also delay aging from the sun and lower the risk of developing skin cancer. Your busy schedule however, doesn’t have time for an extra application of sunscreen. Try makeup foundation and skin creams with sunscreen already in them.

Aveeno’s skin lotion with SPF 15 moisturizes and protects your shoulders, arms and legs. For your face, try Clinique’s Almost Makeup with SPF 15 or Shiseido’s Sun Protection with SPF 30 – foundations with sunscreen built in.

Healthy Habits: Drink lots of water, abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol; the most common advice you’ll hear to help your skin look younger. True as it may be, it hardly sounds like fun. If you must give in to your vices, try to counter it with a grounded routine that incorporates exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of sleep at the very least.

It makes no difference how young you are or if you’re a man or a woman your skin needs daily care. Be kind to your skin and show off that radiance.